Saturday, 7 July 2012

What a watery day!

Today was an obscure day to say the least!

I woke from my deep dreaming and noticed a golden light glowing from behind the curtains, and no it wasn't the sun, it was the brown river outside my house.  
I went downstairs and realised that dad was moving furniture up the stairs. 

Sometimes it rains really hard and the river swells and we have seen it rise far, but not this far! The brown gushing water kept on rising, higher and higher. It had already filled up our front courtyard and the only thing holding it back was just a little brick wall that dad and I built to keep out water.

I woke my sister and mother and pleaded with them come and help us move as much as we could to the next floor. About an hour later, the water came over the little brick wall, let loose from its bondage. We stood over the drains trying to keep them overflowing but there was too much water, it swamped them in minutes. We realised we could do no more, at the last minute dad even tried to cement up the gaps in the door!

The scariest part was as we were waiting to see what happened, we looked to the fireplace and saw brown water trickling down the stone floor. It was such a shock to see what was dirty outside water, intruding into our home.

But I'm afraid, that was not the end, it rose so quickly and then seeped through the other doors, pushing its way in and filling the downstairs rooms! We had our own taste of what it must have been like to have been on board the Titanic, but imagine how much worse it would if you knew there was no sign of dry land around you?
We even had to climb out the window because all the doors were flooded up!

After we had done all we could we got together and prayed in my bedroom, we praised God and read from his word.
I picked up my Bible and it was open on a psalm that I had read last night and I found God's wonderful voice through the words.
 'He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters... He brought me into a spacious place; He rescued me because he delighted in me.' - Psalm 18: 16

But the water rose higher still and came so high it was just one foot away from swamping our entire living room, but it finally stopped. Now it is about three inches lower, and praise God it is gradually going back down now we reach the end of the day! 

So many people are stopping outside our house to look at the river and take photos. But we are safe! The drama is gradually ending and it makes me so grateful to have not lost anything and more importantly, anyone. I can't even begin to imagine how those that have had torrents of merciless water destroy their homes, but my heart goes out to them.

Well here I am, rejoicing in God's goodness! As I write to you I can see out my window onto the river and it is still mighty powerful, but hopefully it will be a dry night.

Now take care out there everyone and keep safe, especially if you live in England because remember it is July, so we should expect some snow soon ;)


  1. I have been reading about this through Huffpost which Is on my AOL page as I log online. It Is really bad. I can see by the pictures on how much water Is around, and how deep It was. It amazes me on the amount of water. If you do have a lot of rain which you do because I recall this myself when I was there last. Why don't the government In advance set out measures so that It wont be as bad as It was. Obviously I do not know where you live. I do not know what Is around you, but what I do know Is that you do have a river nearby. If a river Is not very wide, and not too deep It will burst It`s banks. Water has to go somewhere. If you live at the bottom of a valley, and the river flows from the mountains, again, It Is to travel somewhere past you when It rises. Yet In your case the banks burst. No one Is ever prepared are they. Things then like money Is talked about Instead. We cant afford It. We are over our budget as-well. It makes you wonder where your money goes to when you have to pay all your hard earned cash out to the government.

    Your expecting snow soon? In July. Wow. Snowball fight with a parrot.

    Can I have your mirror please?

    I am sorry that you got shipwrecked. It Is no laughing matter. Your beautiful home too. At-least your safe, all of you now. That Is all that matters.

  2. I am so sorry to what happened to your house. I hope your house can be fixed soon. I imagine it was quite a difficult and thrilling moment. Its very good that no one was hurt.

  3. Hey Jo

    I really enjoy reading your blog because it gives a very different view of English people, that I as an American would have. For example all of my British friends do not care much about religion, British history, nor support the monarchy. They all say that those things in Britain are for old people, and its good to see that those things have still exists within our generation.

    As for your house, I am terribly sorry for what happened. I hope your family recovers from whatever damages it might have brought, and y'all have my prayers.