Monday, 16 July 2012

The girl with windswept hair


Here is someone whom I came across, a life that could inspire your own.
I love to unexpectedly discover lives lived that aren't initially known by everyone in the world though they have the right to be.                        

Well here is Grace Darling.       

Grace was born on the 24th November 1815 and died 20th October 1842. She was an English Victorian heroine who in 1838, along with her father, saved 13 people from the wreck of the SS Forfarshireon. She was only 22 years old when she risked her life in an open boat to help them! She rowed for over a mile through the tempest and raging waves. Her courage is now legendary. But even though she was celebrated in her time and Wordsworth even wrote a poem about her, I still don't think people today know what they as I hadn't until recently.

 Grace spent her youth living in a lighthouse where her father was the keeper. Imagine living in a place like that. So out the way, a dangerous place with an immense responsibility of keeping the lamps burning. Away from other houses, living right out on the waves in that tall building. Grace spotted the wreck from her bedroom window on that raging early morning.

'Oh! that the winds and waves could speak
Of the things which their united power called forth
From the pure depths of her humanity!
A maiden gentle, yet, at duty's call,
Firm and unflinching, as the Lighthouse reared
On the island-rock, her lonely dwelling-place;'

As many did in that time, Grace died of consumption only 26 years old. She is buried with her father and mother in a modest grave in St. Aidan's churchyard, Bamburgh where a nearby elaborate epitaph commemorates her life.

Grace Darling's life can be an unexpected jewel for you. Someone who stood above her years and risked all she had for others. Someone who stepped over the threshold of the expectations and rules of her society and achieved something great.

'Together they put forth, Father and Child!
Each grasps an oar, and struggling in they go--
Rivals in effort; and, alike intent.'


  1. Nice story, thanks for sharing Jo!

  2. Nice story, and what a wonderful person to save people. Yes Imagine that living In a lighthouse. It makes my mind tick. I would love that so much. Those windy steps to the top. The views. The bounding thoughts. Peace, and all around you Is water. Nothing else.

    Wordsworth wrote a book on Grace? I would like to read that.