Friday, 15 June 2012

The Strength of Love?

The strength of love is a strange and marvellous thing.
It tells us how far it can be and never stops stretching further.
It may also tell us things that we would rather not wish to find out or ever know.
It can awaken us from childish dreams and bring us into the cruelties of adult life, evolved around the game of relationships.
Please tell me it is more than a game?

The strength of love?
I see those around me and I know how we long to throw off every hindrance that is holding us back from loving.
People in a crowded room. And there, two hearts within two chests secretly long with all the power they posses, to meet. A man and a woman. Each glance at the other and speak of a thousand feelings with just one look.
But there is always something that stops them; Responsibilities, Society, Culture, Rules, Right and Wrong. The night ends, they smile and then wave goodbye and the days rolls on again.

How complex beings we are!
To love and hate in the same breath, to feel and hurt, to cry and laugh, to connect and distance, to rejoin and separate.
Would you ask now to know what the other is thinking?
I fear your innocence would be lost forever. But actions speak of a million words.
How can one touch of the hand or one smile from the lips say 'I adore you?'
What makes the other respond with the certainty of that?
There needs to be a connection to understand, a joining of minds, two souls reaching out to find the other.

How I wish childish love didn't exist, how I wish broken marriages could never occur, how I wish minds couldn't change, how I wish love could never dry out, how I wish spirits could never give up. And how I wish for humans to never hurt.

But we learn and we hurt. And we love and we grow. And we live and we know.

And from all of it, I know I will chose to keep loving and keep growing and keep learning and keep knowing and keep living and I shall hurt- just because love loves to love.

And, I do, and I will, Love.  


  1. Do you want to know what my fear Is? My fear Is that love will change. I fear putting all of my time, and effort, and emotions Into a relationship that seems right, but which fails me. In my last relationship, It was ME who ended It. It was my feelings that changed. I could of fixed It, but the damage was done, and the trust was gone. I am afraid of that happening again. I don't worry about myself In that situation, but I worry about hurting someone else. I fear that I will lead them on, only to be betrayed once again, But do you know what I tell myself? I tell myself that my feelings changed because I wasn't meant to be with her. Even though that was not true. My feelings changed because there Is something else for me, And I just believe that when Its right I will know Its right, and my feelings will be of confidence.

  2. I do believe in the strenght of love, a kind of love that is not very common today.

    "One day I realised that I was afraid. At the same time I realised that I will always be afraid, whatever I do, I will always fear as long as you or I are alive. And it's not for the money. To hell with the money. I can always earn all the money we need. I do not mean this, and even in a city or in the country. I am referring to ourselves. Love, if you prefer. Because it cannot last. There is no place for it in today's world. We eliminated it. It took a long time, but the man is full of resources, and its creativity has no limits, so we were finally able to get rid of love just as we got rid of Christ. Instead of the voice of God we have the radio, and instead of having to save our sentimental tokens for months and years to deserve a chance to spend them all in love, we can spend it in coins, and deceive ourselves at any newsagent, two per block, just like chewing gums or chocolate from the vending machines."

    We have gone too far and I wanna get back. I'm glad to know there's still someone who believes in the strenght of love.

    1. Did you write that quoted paragraph? It is very good, very thoughtful.
      I know, this world needs more love, I don't want to loose it either, it would be the worst conscious decision this world could make. But as beings who see things differently, it is our responsibility to change this world, to never give up, even on the heartless.

      God bless!

    2. No, I didn't write those words, but it's something I recently read and wanted to share here. Perhaps the original text would have been even better, but I had to translate it and it definitely lost something.

      After all I'm sure of this: if only two people hold love tight and still believe in love, it cannot be considered completely extinct!