Saturday, 23 June 2012

Let your dream begin to breathe

There is a song within each of you. There is a cry of hope embedded in your soul. There is a life of exuberance waiting for you. Today you may find your castle of dreams. Today you can step out into the wonders of your earth.

Don't let the feeling of fear stop you, feel it if you must but then do it anyway! Don't add to the negativity in life there is far too much of it already. I believe in you and more importantly God does.

So today run out over the hills, feel the breeze upon your naked cheeks, eat from the apples of the orchid and live. Know that nothing can stop you, that time will dance with you under you light foot. You are the author of your days, so live them with your heart bursting with joy and abounding with the greatest love.  

Remember that anything is possible with God.

And never forget to dream because those dreams will become your destiny!

Now listen and rest awhile in this music. It will feed your soul if you allow it to. And you can soar over your castle and know you are alive.


  1. My Castle? Jo Jo can we buy this one please. I just saw something. Top left? I just wrote about yesterday to you. Can you see?

    Yes there Is a song In each of us, some are buried, and waiting to come out. And yes, everything Is possible with "GOD"

    Andre Rieu? Beautiful. What better thought to start the day.

  2. The Neuschwanstein castle? The Mont St Michel is nicer :P