Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Dawn

I waited all night for the dawn.

The bleakness grew heavy and the darkness rolled around me like fog.
I shivered in my blanket and tried to find the stars, a string of stars that always told me where I could be found.
But they weren't there.

I studied the silent clouds over the rounded moon, their distorting shapes crept under the heavens.
I grew afraid and cried out to the imaginary morn in my thoughts, 'Please come, I cannot bear this deadness any longer!'

There was a sudden rush of wind. I caught hold of the edge of it and cried again, 'Where is the sun to be found?'
The wind replied with a hasty departure, 'It isn't dawn yet.'

I walked through the fields and kept beside the hedgerow. 
I passed silent cows with their silent stares, and their horns were shining in the blackness.
I moved on again and sung as sweetly as I could to try and awaken the birds.

Finally a small blackbird swung her tail on a branch in the hedge, and followed me.
There was a distant hum in the air and the breeze stuck to my hair.
I listened again and heard a sharp cry, the gulls had awakened and the humming had turned to a roar.

I ran on to the edge of the cliff and saw the toppling waves rush one after the other, in a glassy green break. 
Then from the horizon I saw the first light of the dawn.

The birds were alive in a moment, they sung in celestial chorus and fluttered over my head, awakening the world to the melody of the soft rise of the morning sun. 

And he came and lifted me in his full height of gold.
And he  filled me with colours and crystal-beads glinted from my hair.
I let the dawning rays glitter upon my body, like a dress of heavenly robes. 
I wore the morning's rays as a garland about my head and danced in the glow of his life. 
And my whispers echoed off the cliffs and swept down over the waves into the sun. 

'I knew you would come' I whispered to the sun. . 
'The wind couldn't help me and the stars had disappeared, but my faith remained.
And I knew you would keep to your promise and you have, you lighten my life.'
 'I thank you.'  

And then the sun wrapped his ribbons of courage around me and I danced with him into the new heaven where time and night were of no more significance.  

- Joanna Grace


  1. It Is really beautiful Jo. I found some Interesting words buried Inside this to. I think you know :)