Saturday, 19 May 2012

Oh; Inspire Me!

 Inspire me you land; let me run through your fields and throw away the hat caught in my hand!

Inspire me you secret garden with your endless paths and high walls; teach me to listen as Spring calls!

Inspire me you house of old; make me thrill and rush and feel the truth of the un-told!

Inspire me you old clock ticking heavily to the beat of your past; give me certainty of a perfect tranquillity whispered to last!

   Inspire me you pen that I clutch with keen mind; take me along trails that on my own, never could I find!

Inspire me you speechless bird; show me what it means to see from your heights without the weakness of word!

Inspire me you quiet grandmother; tell me of stories, lives, and dreams that you have kept and those you would rather smother!

Inspire me you ancient church; wake me to the fervour of a thousand murmurs, a thousand  bowed heads with bent knees united in their search! 

Inspire me you beauty with everything you possess; watch me lace the daisies of Eden into my hair and weave the ferns of a new earth as my dress.

Inspire me you piano and you violin; inspire me you harp and every musical thing!

Inspire me without and inspire me within; for a life lived without you is far too thin!

                                                               - Joanna Grace 

Oh; inspire me by Joanna Grace Burgess is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.


  1. Hi there,

    Did you write this poetry? I was inspired and impressed. It was quite touch if i have to insist.
    Actually, I entered you blog via youtube after watching the video clip regarding british accent.(i tried to copy you many times)It was good practice for me.
    I'd like to stay in touch with you if it is possible. I'm really into british culture and i'd like to make English friends.
    If you fancy this, please visit me on facebook

    If you have a time, plz drop the lines! Cheers!

  2. Dear Miss English Rose, you have landed me speechless In all that you wrote out. It Is far beyond words. I love It. I love every little thing, and It speaks to me as-well. It Is poetry. It Is dreams. It Is wondering. It Is a life's trail. It Is History. It Is wanting. It Is beautiful. It Is yearning, and It Is yours to be discovered :) It was very beautiful Jo, so thank you.

    (PS) The pictures are pretty! At last It finally worked. Thank you Proxy!

  3. All I can say is this is a magnificient piece of writing!

  4. This poem is the most wonderful poem you've written! :) I will save it, and read it again and again! :) Do you have more poems like this?? :)

    I'd take this poem home and delve deeper into its meaning! :) :) You're quite a poet, dear Joanna! :)