Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Last day in May

It is the last day of May today. 

 May is a month of Spring and hedgerow flowers, blackbirds and fresh new smells of the coming warmth. It is a time of celebration for new life and happiness and blessings for the new year of farming. On the First of May it is 'May Day', centuries ago, young women would rise before dawn and walk into the fields. There they would wash their faces in the morning dew which was supposed to beautify them. They would then walk home collecting the Hawthorn from the hedgerows in their hands, when they reached the door of their home they would then place the Hawthorn over it as a sign to the Devil to keep out and stay away.

Not many young girls do this tradition or even know of this culture any longer. Some still celebrate with Maypole dancing which I remember doing at my Primary school when I was very young on a beautiful Spring afternoon. Unfortunately this year the Hawthorn came too early and was gone by May Day so I couldn't rise at dawn like I wanted to.

Now it is the last day of May and another season has come and passed. It is now beginning to grow into Summer here in England. And we prepare ourselves with another season. I hope this time will be great and wonderful for you and that each person through-out the earth will sing, dance and be merry. Never forgetting who changes the seasons and provides us with food and health!

Come June, and bring with you summer days of delight, hazy afternoons and soft strolling under the cliffs of the seaside and cheery hearts full of contentedness...

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  1. Whatever happened to old traditions Jo? Are they just memories of what we read through text books now. Why has society changed so much? Why are people the way they are these days? I do not like this Century at all. Am I wrong for saying this? Nothing happens anymore. Everyone are slaves to something right now, owned, and distant from the old ways. why? Technology: Cell phones. Computer. TV. Hand held game consoles. and, work. We have to work harder these days to get by. Nothing Is simple anymore. (Sigh)

    Our seasons to are all messed up, confused. Warmer days mean things are happening too early right IN-front of us causing things to become unbalanced.

    This year has passed us by quickly. It Is June already. A half of year, another precious gift, time.

    I know you long for summer as you have told me, so enjoy It while It Is there!