Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Beatles Childhood Homes

A few days ago I was in Liverpool. Whilst there I visited the childhood home of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I didn't know much about the Beatles, only that I knew some of their songs and that they were an awesome band in the 60's. I learnt so much more that day. Because I was inspired so much I thought you might want to hear some of it too.

John's home was the most privileged out of all of the four band members. The house was in a leafy suburb away from the centre of busy Liverpool. He was raised by his Aunty because living with his mother was too unsettling. Under his Aunt's protection he was raised with the expectation to do well and study hard at school. His home was stunning, so quaint like the houses were in the 50's. But the room that inspired me so much was John's bedroom. There in that little space, John played away for hours on his guitar, away from his Aunt's disapproving ears, and there he wrote songs that would reach every corner of the world!

He didn't care for education and thought that as long as he could read and write, he was happy. He met Paul who lived a little further away on a council estate which I visited also.
His living room was most moving. The carpet was made out of the ends of runners that were sewn together and the wall paper was made of three different scrap ends of  paper that nobody else wanted. There was a piano in the corner of the room where the family would sit and sing together. It was a small house but worn away with love and use as any house should be.

The fact that both Paul and John's mothers died brought them closer together. They began making music together and formed the Beatles with Ringo and George.

And I thought, that no matter what people place on you, whether it is the expectation to be successful in someone's eyes or to never be expected to get any further in life than a factory worker- you can achieve whatever your heart tells you to- what you were born for!

Some people are so obsessed with education that they think it is everything that a person could possibly want or need in life. It is useful, yes, it can be powerful, yes, but so can other things in just the same way. When my parents decided to home-school my sister and I they had little to no support from both sides of their family. Other people looked down on us because we weren't doing things the way everyone else did it or were worried we weren't doing it 'properly'. But at the end of the day it is what you do for others that matters- what you do for God. I know how blessed the western countries are to have such easy access to education, but it is the person that counts not their station in life or how much money their high job pays them.

Though John and Paul's childhood were tragic in some ways, they managed to use the bad times as a strength and they rose far above anyone's judgements. I will take their homes, stories, and music everywhere I go in my mind. And whenever I hear a Beatles song, I shall be whisked back to that day of powerful revelation and truth. I shall be brought back, personally, to John and Paul's story. A story that started in their homes and which I feel so honoured to have looked in upon.

The Bottom Line- Hold your head high, don't let what others think control the way you are, live for a higher purpose and finally, follow what you were made for!

God bless everyone who has a gift, and wants with all their heart to use that gift- have faith and step out into what you know you have been called to do!

"That guitar is okay John, but you'll never make a living with it"  (John's Aunt Mimi)


  1. Well, I can't say I don't love many of the Beatles' songs but I most definitely agree with John's aunt trying to speak some common sense to him. I understand you have put her quote there ironically but making a living with a guitar is a one in a million thing. Same thing goes for footie and lots of other "There's No Business Like Show Business" (taken out of context, I know) related careers.

    You yourself certainly have a gift Jo, but without being your aunt or uncle or anyone you personally know, I strongly suggest you strive to do best with your studies as this is an increasingly technical world. What are you studying by the way?


    PS: ancient Greeks used to say "συν Αθηνά και χείρα κίνει" (syn Athena ke heera kinee) which means that don't just pray to Goddess Athena, but also move your hands (or you will drown.)

  2. I know exactly what you mean mk, I do value the education I have and I want to learn so much more. I just don't like it when people think it is all there is in life. I have done the best I can with my studies, I have finished school now, but I would love to go to University to learn more about acting.
    I took Drama, Media and English- and loved them!

    I guess I just have a lot of admiration for people who have stepped out from the normal and have done exceptionally well.

    1. You are right. People take education far too seriously nowadays. Higher education had always been a privilege for the rich and mass education was initially introduced as a plan to curb unemployment by force-keeping children at school until a later age of their lives, and secondarily to make the economy more efficient macro-economically in the sense that if we had more students, there would be a lot more Bells, Watts, Faradays and Brunels, which in fact did come true as there are a lot more scientists and achievements today than ever before in history. Problem was that with capitalism's obsession for restructuring eventually those same people took manufacturing out of the west.

      It's not hard to do well if you don't go to uni. In the technological sector there's just too many examples ranging from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to Larry Paige and Sergey Brin. You just should stop counting on becoming an employee because then you really are being taken for a ride. Personally, I never finished studying anything although my mother even today insists that I should study. If I would study now, I would study something related to finances and economics; this is where all easy money is going to be in the future and everyone seems to be insisting on the bubbly path. (Should have seen JPM's CEO Jamie Dimon announce a $2 bil loss on derivatives this year, yeah he truly has the best team) :P

      If I really wanted to become an actor, I would join a drama school because this is where scouts and managers find all the talents after all. Best luck with your future studies!

  3. I don't know much about the Beatles either, only what I have read, or what I have learned by listening to their music, or by other means, like my Dad. But, what I do know Is that they were the best band ever created. They never sold Millions, they sold Billions. They have had more number one hits than any other artist. They refolded music In a fashion that powered the 20th century. They were not just a great pop group, they were great musicians, great writers, great composers, and pioneers.

    I am glad that you got to visit both homes. I hope that Inspiration left you wondering that anything Is possible with the belief of dreams. If you can read, or can write, and follow an Instruction then that Is all you need to learn.

    When I was 15 things happened to me, and at that time It was the most Important part of my life. At 16, I dropped out of high-school as an under graduate. I dropped out because I did not want to study anymore, that I could not study anymore, my background was awful, and things got the better of me. Out of school I did study. I did learn, and I am still learning. I did graduate, and It got me a place at my parents store. I then wanted to pursue the TEFL program. It Is something I would like to do. What I do have right now sits dormant. They may always stay hidden, who knows, but with being able to teach, the world Is at your fingertips. You just got to find that open door, and be accepted.

    You, and I right now are the same age, and I have never looked at you In a degrading way ever. I don't play an Instrument, but you do. I cant sing, but you can. I don't read music, but I know that you can. You can even understand, and sing In another language. A language that Is not even your native tongue. I am glad that you did do what others were doing at the time. It Is nice being different Isn't It? Who wants to be the same anyways. It Is who you are that matters, not what others want you to be.

    By the way, I don't think this. I know this Instead, you are very smart, and I am proud of you.

    I agree with what you wrote, and you do that when a Beatles song comes to mind, or by listening. Good for you. Don't lose that thought. Memories Is what binds us together.

    Quite right: Do not let anyone bring you down. You are you for a reason. Be that reason. If anyone don't like you, then, walk away, don't look at me, don't talk to me, but someone will notice me for who I am If you don't.

    Have a nice day, Lunar, and, check your mailbox later, bye!

    (PS) "My aim Is to put down on paper what I see, and what I feel In the best, and simplest way." Ernest Hemingway..!

  4. Thank you Sunny for what you just wrote!
    I am sorry that the school you went to didn't realise how much intelligence they had lost when you left. And I know you will complete what God has started in you to the best you can, which is phenomenal.

    What a beautiful quote! It speaks to my very core!

    'You've been through so much and grow through more still
    Brave as a lion, but you don't know it

    I hope you never will
    I hope you never will

    You might someday see what you are truly
    And how I pale in comparison to thee

    I hope you never will
    I hope you never will

    Friend, hold on to me, for I want to see
    You become the person you should be

    I've always known you will
    I've always known you will' ( the vespers- high hopes)