Thursday, 2 February 2012

Have I lost?

The worst thing in life is to be misunderstood, by the person you needed most.

Life is hard. Life is good. Life is worth while when you know why you are here. But life is best when you are found.
Perhaps I didn't realise, perhaps I gave my all, and now it is gone with the dust that blows in the corn fields. Just by speaking out to you, I have been, I have found and I have lost.
One young night, as I looked up to the stars I thought I had everything, now I look up at the morning sun and realise I never did.

How can life be so fragile?
How can things help us then leave?
How can humans tickle our hearts then bruise them?
How can soul mates claim a part of you and then loose you in the crowds of life and indifference?

Just before I gave you my everything you shrivelled up and were washed out to sea.
Oh, if only you knew my heart...

1 comment:

  1. Misunderstood? I have been misunderstood all of my life, through high school, through college, and through every wakening day, why? Because I don’t fit In with people my own age? Because I don’t think like them? Because I don’t act like them? And, because I don’t do unmoral things like them either. I am Inside my own bubble that I created due to no one paying any cause or attention to me as a child, but It has taught me many things? It has taught me to be Independent. It has taught me by running away I can do whatever I want with no holds barred. It`s not about courage, or stupidity, It`s about depending on yourself, with no limits. I am labeled, and branded by everyone. I am In my own classroom.

    You never lost, and you never won. You gained by knowing you’re not the only one. Everything that I have ever said, and everything that I have ever written Is just one day of my life.