Monday, 23 January 2012

Spring is on its way!

I wondered down the way, trees entwined above my head forming an ivy wooded cave for me to get lost inside a tunnel of nature. I stopped at a gate way and watched the cows down the far end as they stuck their heads through the hay trough, their stubby tails aimlessly flicking as they chewed on the fresh straws. Under my boots mud imprinted itself in the grooves of the rubber. I wrapped my hands over the cool metal of the gate and let the sweet chattering song of the birds fill my head.
My body knew something my head didn't.
I felt revived, excited, hopeful, strange, sad and I didn't know why.
I called to Fern and we strolled along. I wondered why she had chosen to join the human race; to become part of a human life and in gaining the trust of us, lost the trust of the birds, butterflies, horses and cows.
I thought to myself, that if I were to be her, I think I might join nature instead of man.
But here I am: a human and made for a purpose even if she may not know of what yet.
And just as Fern had no choice, neither did I. I did not ask to be born, but I know I am blessed for being chosen to be alive today.
For now I shall bask in all that the welcoming shower of life has before me. It is as if the country is on the brink of something phenomenal: springtime.
I know there is nothing like English spring time in all the world, and even if I shall be distanced and forever cut off, I shall never watch again, but instead always take part.

Bring On The Spring!  

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  1. This was a nice Inspiration that you encountered today. It all sounds pretty though. Nature is beautiful Isn't It, and you only see nature at It`s best when you live In the countryside. I live just 4 miles from that lake I was telling you about, and to me It Is nature. You are surrounded by a huge lake, the forest, the sun, and yourself. That Is the reason I go there for. I live just 22 miles from the beach, but It Is not the same as the lake.

    I have those feelings to when I am out on my own which evidently Is always, and you seem to think things don't you. I do anyways.

    I would of joined nature to If I had that choice!

    I was just 11 when I stayed at my Grandparents home In, London. It was warm/chilly/fresh, and a vibrant day. The garden was pretty. The grass was really green. The birds happy as they fought for food upon the table. The flowers were dancing as the sun bounced onto them. My pets that I grew up with was displaying their wings, teasing me, flirting. They knew I was watching them. It all at to end, and back home to reality, the US, but my memories I hold dearly.

    Yes, bring It!

    I wander alone :)