Thursday, 19 January 2012

A question answered

Is LOVE a destiny or a pathway?

A destiny. 

You don't LOVE someone because you do, you LOVE that someone because you are destined to. 

- J & L


  1. Everything Is beautiful with you Inside of It. You are just the sweetest thing Jo Jo. Please know:)

  2. I wonder who is J & L? :)
    What kind of love are you describing, is it the love for family and friends, or the romantic love for someone?

    If you are describing the romantic love for someone, I agree with you! :) I think it is destined.. When two people are not loving each other (if only one of them loves, and the other does not,) then they are not destined for each other..
    I think of a "Half-Love" and a "Whole-Love"

    A person who loves someone so much, but doesn't love him back is not experiencing that One True Love :( He is just having the half-love.. Love must be given by both, in order to be Whole.

    But when two people return each other's love, it is a whole love, and it is the love which is destined :)

    I think it works like math. No matter how intense a person's love for someone, if that love is not returned, it could only grow by adding intensity.
    But if two people love each other, the intensity of love is not merely adding, but multiplying each other's love. And if God's love is enclosing their love, it could be infinite love :)

    I hope that couples would have such a love. I feel sad knowing some people who married just because of some expectations from such a partnership..If that's how two people are married, they should not have married at all, and just live with each other and fulfill each other's expectations..
    I think marriage is for one and only one purpose: to enjoy that Whole Love brought by destiny.

    When a spouse is asked if he loves his partner so much, there could be no answer such as "I love her enough" or "we're satisfied of the love we give to each other." I think it would be ideal for every couple to answer: "The love I feel for her is the most wonderful love I feel for any person" .. I think that for two people married, the only ideal love is that Whole Love, the one which is beyond the limits of any affection for any other person...

    May you fare well, Joanna! It's great how you have such deep feelings to share on your blog! :)

    Ramon :)

  3. Have you read "Works of Love" by Søren Kierkegaard ?

    I hope that you would read that book...