Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Loving Spirit

"Jennifer conjured up the scenes of the past, she saw the men and women whose name she bore live out their little lives, knowing sorrow, joy, suffering and despair, loving and hating one another, and so pass away out of the scene of things, realities no more, nothing but the grey tomb stones in Lanoc Churchyard.
Janet-Joseph-Christopher-Jennifer, all bound together in some strange and thwarted love for one another, handing down this strain of restlessness and suffering, this intolerable longing for beauty and freedom; all searching for the nameless things, the untrodden ways, but finding peace only in Plyn and in each other; each one torn apart from his beloved by the physical separation of death, yet remaining part of them forever, bound by countless links that none could break, uniting in one another the living presence of a wise and loving spirit."
-Daphne Du Maurier (The Loving Spirit)


  1. The book sounds good. I just read the write up of all of this? She was just 22 years old when she wrote this book, and she was Inspired by the Slade family, who were shipbuilders In the nearby village of, Polruan.

    I will have to check It out:) 22 years of age? Hmm It makes my mind tick to pursue more hidden discoveries.

    I remember someone with the words: Discover, and Treasure? Pirates.

  2. Yes, you go right on ahead with those new discoveries! I love finding out about little lives swept over in the years that have made up the past.
    I remember the pirate- hmmm :)

  3. I know you do. That Is what makes you Dear :) I remember the pirate too, and the accomplish. I even know kind of where the treasure Is buried, but I just don't know the exact spot. Somethings are not meant to be uncovered, but It Is a nice thought. I forgot to say to you that the picture above Is pretty too. Bye Jo Jo.