Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cold Pulses

"He leaned back against the hives and with upturned face made observations on the stars, whose cold pulses were beating amid the black hallows above, in serene dissociation from these two wisps of human life."
-Thomas Hardy (Tess Of the D'urbervilles)


  1. OH MY GOSH Joanna? I really wish you could see what I see here. Do you remember that I wrote something, and you wanted to see It? Well, This was Inside of my story. I`ll copy, and paste a little below for you.

    This Is so weird.

    It All Happened About A Year Ago?? He Did Not Know What To Expect From A Companionship, Until He Stood Up, And Tided Up His Point Of View. He Stood There At BLAH etc etc etc.

    He Remembers Reading A Book Called: “Tess Of The D’Urbervilles” By, Thomas Hardy, Which He Loaned From The Communal Library That Day. The Next Night He Took It Off His Bookshelf Intrigued, Not Even Knowing The Words Of The Book, But Only With The Notes Highly Penciled Through The Margin. And Blah, etc etc etc.

    1. Hey, that is strange! You must show me the story now. Have you read Tess? I'm reading it at the moment, Thomas is such a good writer, my eyes are opening to him for the first time.

  2. Hey, life Is strange anyways, and no I have not read It. I have held the book many times, but I think to read a great book like this you need to be, English :) I am glad that your finding It good. Goodnight Jo Jo.