Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cold Mountain

Last night I watched the film 'Cold Mountain' it was truly interesting. When the film ended I just watched the credits roll up right until the end listening to the beautiful angel-like voice of Alison Kruass. I thought Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger were absolutely beautiful together. There were violet moments that I couldn't let myself watch. I think it opens people's minds up to what really went on in the American civil war and it was no tame thing at all. I think the worst part would have to be the innocent families and wives that were tortured and accused just for being gracious. But the most crucial part was that the home guard were the enemy in the end, and that made me think how true it is with the world.
So many people are on to each other even though we are all from the same tribe. So many wars about religion and politics and land and who owns what or greed, why can't we all live as one?

Because that world doesn't exist here on earth and it never will. Sin rules the earth today and we can't escape it. Some take their children and families and move out of the world completely, they hide themselves away in a dream like world, but can they ever really escape it?
Aren't they just running away?
The words in the film that touched me most was when Ruby said, 'The world won't last much longer, God won't let it!' She had seen so much sickening abuse she knew God wouldn't be able to let it go on. And yet here we are, it goes on. But it won't go on forever. There will be a time to come, a much worse time than any war and then it will all end.

God offers us a choice while there still is one to be had. He still offers us a chance to find perfect peace in a world full of ambiguity. There is a way out of the hatred and conflict, perhaps not physically, but instead inside of your soul.
Your soul can be at peace and your shoulders can be lifted of a burden.
!You can be set free from the addictions that tie you down!

Jesus came to the earth 2000 years ago so that we might know him and know perfect love which casts out all fear.
And in that love we can find true life- a life worth living- even in this world...


  1. I have never seen this movie, but as I said through an e-mail to you. I learned about the American civil war at school, and It was awful to even write about. You know my thoughts about war Jo, and I really don't need to repeat myself.

    Yes we are meant to be as one, but we are not. It`s hard to Imagine that each, and every one of us was created by "GOD" and that we are meant to be one, and that we should melt Into one. Things are happening In our world for a reason, and that reason Is to see If we can get along. "GOD" knows that we cant, but he watches us because he hopes that we can.

    Sin does exist here on earth, because evil was created. Evil only happens when you walk Inside of It, thats why the devil was cast down from heaven by Michael, and all his angels, and now he roams our earth.

    If I found a way of moving out of this world then I would. I don't like this world. It`s full of guilt, crime, and all bad things. I cant escape It, but I wish I could. As stated before to you. I am ashamed to be part of this creation.

    Jesus did come here 2000 years ago. I think to myself why couldn't I have been born then. Today I live for him, because he died for me. Without Jesus, I am nothing, just an empty shell.

    This was a nice write up, so thank you :)

    1. Remember dear Louie- you were created for such a time as this. That was God's plan. But I know exactly what you mean. It was a powerful film, nobody wants war.