Friday, 7 October 2011

What do we learn from life?

What do we learn from life?

Everyday circumstances make us feel different.

So many choices are thrown at us.

How do we handle change?


  1. 1, We learn from life our purpose? Why are we here, and what purpose do we have to be here? Is It a test to see how far we can go, and how much we can learn? I believe that we are here for a reason, and the reason Is to live by the word, accordingly. Is there life after death? I believe there Is, and I believe also that It will be a better place? Theres more to life than living. We learn here to take with us what we do know. 2, Life Is hard I know, just smile, and try and Ignore whats bad around you. 3, Choices are thrown at us but It`s up to you as an Individual to accept, or toss aside. 4, We handle change the same way as we handle ourselves. No one likes change, but sometimes If you don't like It, try and change the way you think, If you think It`s right that Is.

  2. Yes Louie, I agree. Sometimes I think we can like change so much just to ignore what we are going through ourselves. But I think it's good to move on- not run away just to be able to change daily for the better! Sometimes we realise those who we once fitted so perfectly together with, we have grown apart from. That doesn't mean we can never be friends again, we just have to find a new way of slotting together.
    Yes, in the mind you have your biggest battlefields, it's so important to keep it guarded day and night!
    God Bless Louie.

  3. I agree. I have a friend that always disappears, but she always returns, she knows deep down what she really wants, and she Is always making the wrong choices, but she will be back, as she always does.

    Life Is really a puzzle, and we are the missing pieces. We all have the fitting piece Inside of us too, AND It`s up to us to complete that puzzle, to make It slot In.

    Life can be so complicated at times, I know:)