Thursday, 7 May 2015

voting day

Today was a hugely significant day. 
Today, all women that voted made history happen. 

Today I walked into a polling station, I entered a booth, I marked X in a box.
Today I voted.

When I took that pencil in my hand and held it between my fingers, a smile slowly crept onto my lips. 
An overwhelming sense of gratitude and pride. 
The realisation of the incredible action that I made today, overwhelmed me.

Almost 100 years ago, my sisters and mothers were giving their lives to do what I so easily did today, to have their voices heard. 
For this day to happen, women were humiliated, objectified, force-fed, abused, tortured and denied any decent right as a  living human being. 
Because of these brave women, today, my voice and all my sisters voices in the British isles, were heard also.

Yes progress is slow, and yes there may be things that happen today in the name of women's freedom that our sister suffragettes may have found confusing, but we are getting there. 

Today my sister suffragettes are smiling, knowing that the cause they devoted their lives to, did matter, and its effects are seen today.

So I just wanted to make this day (and every day) into a celebration of women and the incredible honour I feel to be a woman, to belong to such a passionate and noble sex.

Here's to the suffragists and suffragettes!
 Their voices do indeed live on!
Thank you.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Sometimes I need only lift my eyes above the grey slabs to see such delights
And then I ask myself why I didn't look before
And see all I see now

Only for a few quick seconds
I imagine a grey metal roof reaching all the way around the world
It blocks out the sky and the moon and the sun
It keeps us trapped beneath like battery hens
I shudder at the thought

And then I kick and struggle
I gasp and yell
Because I need this breath
I need this day
No one can take this sky away

Why have I wasted such days
Counting the raindrops that slide down the pane
When I had all of the heavens to contemplate

The clouds make the best days
People don't like them because they're heavy with rain
But in them are colours that don't exist by human hands

With clouds rainbows come
And make to us their own promise
To never leave us without our sky
In a flooded world of only rain

- Joanna Grace

Monday, 15 December 2014

i saw myself last night

I saw myself last night
I was tiny
Not of great height
But the sight
Of seeing me
Full of perfect simplicity
Before the darkness of the fight
Before the blackness of the night
Of all the woes
The rains on earth
I was breathing free
Not shackled in dirt

And in all my knowledge
And worldly gain
She knew not any pain
And as I stood there looking down
I knew she was wiser 
Than my learned 
Heavy brow

For though I know how to tie my shoe
She knows all that is true
And while I sit counting the days
She abounds in endless play
When I am sorry and crying so
She is full of a golden hope
And when I am angry and bitter to the core
Her heart overflows with a love so sure

For she cast her troubles before they came
She hid her treasures where none could take
She is all the delights of her Father's heart
Never once are they a-part

O dear little I
May I too find
That sweet wonder
That definite sight
Of our Father's own heavenly light
And store it also within my heart
For each day and each night
Of my old 

Joanna Grace

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

when the weathermen get it wrong

Man traps and frames and captures and tames
But a wilderness is forever wild.

When the rain pours with hours long,
And the weathermen get it wrong.
When the rising river presents her tongue,
When the sea shows she is more strong.
I smile at nature's furious song,
And am glad when man's predictions are un-done.

The flood waters, the rippling mud,
Of what she does, you must not judge.
The wandering bolts, the un-mapped deep,
The roaming, roaring tempest,
The frothing force that never sleeps.

Eventually the wind blows you hollow,
And you are left with nothing but sorrow.

You may have conquered here and there,
Invaded, killed, and were not aware.

But now Nature speaks with full command,
Even though you hear, you do not understand.
You go on marking, breaking, fencing land,
So now you will see the wrath of Nature's hand.

- Joanna Grace

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Well, here I am back in the centre of things, that is physically.
I'm a little further out mentally or emotionally or spiritually, on the edge of things, you might say; leaning away from the curve of the pavement; beyond the racing cars with their faces steely blue, and out beyond the railway track, floating above the pollution; somewhere.
Physically I must remain I suppose.
For a time anyhow.
It will go.
Falling back in step with the striding angular shoulder blades and the clickety-clack of the step upon hard ground, but I don't really want to fall in.
I want to wander.
There are croaking bloated coughs here, eyes sore from artificial light, they do not seem to grow with the green- the evergreen.
They are stunted in their musing, in their singing and their dancing.
But here I am in the centre of things.
Things being here.
Here being things.
And around and around it goes.

but, really, I have flown away to sweeter days...